Sending Push Notifications with Selfbits

Selfbits provides an easy way to send push notifications to single mobile devices, customized groups or all your mobile users. Push notifications, delivered to your users' mobile devices, are an effective way to trigger user interaction with your app.


There are three basic concepts to know when using Selfbits push notifications

  • Push Endpoint is a user's mobile device that registered as a push notification subscriber.

  • Push Services like Google Cloud Messaging (GCM/FCM) or Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) maintain a connection with Push Endpoints and handle notification queueing and delivery.

  • Push Topics are used by the publisher to deliver push notifications to a group of Push Endpoints that subscribed for that specific topic.


To enable push notifications, you need:

a) A valid set of credentials from a supported Push Service (GCM/FCM, APNS)

b) A mobile app that is configured to use this Push Service

The credentials are used to authenticate your Selfbits Backend as a valid publisher. You only have to provide those credentials one-time. The required credential format depends on the Push Service you picked. As soon as you add a valid Push Service to your Selfbits Backend, you can trigger notification registration in your mobile client code and register devices as Push Endpoints. If you want to publish notifications to all registered Push Endpoints, you can use the predefined ALL Push Topic. Otherwise, create a new topic and add subsets of your Push Endpoints.