Social Authentication

With Selfbits, you can easily set up social authentication. You don't have to implement the OAuth flow yourself or protect your OAuth credentials on the client because we handle it server-side.

How to configure social signup

To allow social signup/login you have to: 1. Create an OAuth application at the provider's developer console, for example and receive its credentials. 2. Use those credentials to add the social provider to your Selfbits Project 3. trigger social signup by: - using one of our SDK's - writing your own client code

Social Signup without SDK

When a user wants to sign up using a configured social provider, generate a random state value (=RANDOM_STRING), open a new window pointing to:


and wait for the window closed event. If the user entered its credentials and permitted your app access to his social profile, you have to use the Selfbits REST-API to complete the signup process and fetch the user's JWT security context: