Welcome to Selfbits Platform


We designed Selfbits Backend-as-a-Service to help application developers like you to prototype, build and run cross-platform apps faster and easier than ever before. We do so by providing you with a scalable and secure cloud backend accessible via REST-API, so you can focus on building amazing user experience.


From our own experience we know that developers struggle to pick a "good" development stack facing a wide variety of platforms, programming languages, libraries and frameworks. That's why our focus is on reducing the complexity of developing, hosting and maintaining backend functionality. We provide ready-to-use modules that can be customized in our admin dashboard without the need to write backend code (but of course you can write code if you need it). With Selfbits, developers can focus on designing great applications for web, mobile, desktop or other web-enabled devices without the hassle to setup and maintain backend infrastructure.

Anything else?

We see a trend towards web-standards based cross-platform development frameworks like Ionic/Cordova, targeting multiple mobile with one code base, or GitHub Electron, targeting desktop. To get you up and running with those frameworks, we publish free MIT licensed starter templates following best practices. Using those templates you will get your backend-integrated cross-platform app up and running in just a few minutes.

What's next?